Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me! I am officially old. Well, not really, I shouldn't complain. I thought I'd post a few pics so you can see what I did on my big day! The main event was ice skating, thanks to some tickets my sweet sis got for us for Christmas. Above is a picture of me clinging to the rail as I gingerly scooted around the rink. Don't worry, by the end of the day I had let go of the rail!

I was so proud of my little man- this was his first time ice skating, and he was so nervous to try it he was nearly in tears, but he got out there like a champ and with the help of some buckets, before long he was scooting along all by himself! And he loved it!

Here is Chad and our little princess, who is FINALLY feeling better after having come down with the flu on Christmas Eve (poor little thing!). She wasn't so much a fan of the ice skating, so we just let her watch.

Can you tell I am SO happy she's feeling better?

This is me and my dad, who stopped by this morning on his way to work to give me this very sweet homemade card, and to let me know he's getting me a gun for my birthday. I love you, Dad!

The rest of my family is coming into town at the end of the week for a belated Christmas celebration, so I am excited to see them and celebrate some more! I am so grateful to God for all that I have been given, especially for all the special people in my life who make me so happy. Thanks everyone! I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like fun. I would definitely be the one clinging to the wall the whole time!

  2. Happy (late) Birthday, love your blog!


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