Monday, December 1, 2008

Makeover Monday: Falling Into the Holidays!

Fall vase before...

Remember back when I was "fallifying" my home? Well, I decided to give this $2 Goodwill vase a new job for Christmas. I put the scented pine cones and fall leaves into a ziploc bag for storage and picked up 2 packages of colored glass ornaments from the Dollar Store. A clear vase, some shiny ornaments, and I have myself a gorgeous Christmas decoration for my mantel!

Christmas vase after!

I think this would also be really beautiful with silver and blue (or green!) ornaments, maybe add some tinsel for more texture, and even tie a bow around it for a more festive feel. The possibilities are endless! Christmas, here we come!

How is your Christmas decorating going? Do you have any great thrifty holiday decorating ideas to share?


  1. We made some cute tree ornaments out of salt dough:

  2. I recently received a catalog from a place called Collections Etc... They have some really cute decorations (not just Christmas) for under $20. I ordered a few things to "spruce" up my decorating and I have to say I am quite pleased with the outcome so far. (I just started decorating for the upcoming holidays)

  3. One Big Busy Family- I checked out Collections Etc. and they do have some cute stuff! I also happened upon a site with coupon codes for it called Coupon Cactus ( Just do a search by store and you'll see the link.

    MaryAnne- I love the idea of the salt dough ornaments- it reminds me of when I was a kid. I think my kids would love making these. Thanks for the tip!


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