Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Address Labels Plus $1.24 Profit with Inbox Dollars!

Remember my post last week about Inbox Dollars? Well, I wished I had some exact numbers for you to show how great the deals can be, but I didn't. Fortunately, another great offer popped up in my inbox today- order select FREE products from Vista Print, get $5.00 from Inbox Dollars. Well, I ordered a really cute set of 150 sticky return address labels that I custom designed with cariacatures of each family member (even the cat and the dog!) and I only paid for the shipping which cost $3.76. I chose the priority shipping option (most expensive) so I could get the labels in time to use them for our Christmas cards. 

So basically, I made $1.24 off the deal, and I will now have some super-cute address labels! The only advice- stick with the free stuff! After you place your order, they will show you a ton of other customized products you can purchase, and a million other offers you can do. Just skip 'em and get your free stuff!

Sign up for Inbox Dollars today and get a $5 sign-up bonus when you sign up here

Ahh, I love freebies...

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  1. I signed up for Inbox Dollars yesterday. It sounds like an easy way to make a bit extra. It's kind of like MyPoints, which I have been doing for a couple years. I have gotten a couple gift cards out of them from just opening emails.


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