Monday, December 22, 2008

Makeover Monday: Reflecting Roses

Junky catch-all mirror before...

As I mentioned on my Christmas Home Tour post, I like to see something beautiful when I first walk into my home, and this mirror had become something of an eyesore. It has a great little box on the front, which looks silly when it's empty, but can look junky when it's full of random stuff: mail, keys, rubber bands, etc. So I decided to fill it with something beautiful. It reminded me of a window box, so I went to the Dollar Store and found some pretty red velvety roses to brighten up the space. I know, faux flowers are not exactly a high-end decorating item, but I thought these were very pretty and for $4, they were a great bargain as well! 

I chose the red roses because they would fit in nicely with my Christmas decor, and they will be seasonal through Valentines Day as well. When spring comes, I can fill it with a new variety of blooms. Either way, now I smile whenever I walk through my front door!

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