Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Need a Last-Minute Gift?

80% off Savings on Dinner of the Month Club Purchase. Code SANTA. 12/16/08 thru 12/21/08.

If you've never purchased a gift certificate from restaurant.com, now is the time to do it! $25 restaurant gift certificates are on sale for $2. To read about the $15 date my husband and I had using our restaurant.com gift certificate, click here

Because these gift certificates are more like coupons (you usually have to spend at least $35 to use a $25- but that still means that a really nice dinner will only cost you $10!), I think they're great for hostess gifts, holiday tips for babysitters, hairdressers, or anyone else you'd like to show your appreciation for without purchasing a big-ticket item. 

Just click below- only $2!!!
 Happy Holidays, everyone...

1 comment:

  1. I took full advantage of this yesterday!! What a great deal!! So cheap.


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