Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another CVS Coupon Giveaway!

Yay! I love giveaways! Once again, I am offering 3 lucky winners 2 (yes, two each) $3/$15 CVS coupons! These are original coupons I have clipped myself from a local paper, NOT printables, and they don't expire until 12/31/08! Using these coupons is a great way to build your ExtraCare Bucks at CVS. 

Here are the rules- to enter, leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite post on my blog was from the last month and why you liked it. Also, feel free to leave constructive criticism about my blog so I can make it better!

Be sure to include a way you can be reached- either a link to your profile where I can get your e-mail address or just put in your e-mail address. It makes me sad when someone wins and I can't reach them!

Have a beautiful (and lucky) thrifty day!

**By the way- the cutoff for this giveaway is 9:00am EDT on Thursday, 9/11. I will be picking the winners later that day!**


  1. Awesome giveaway...I would LOVE these to help roll those ecb's even further :)


  2. I think I love you! lol that is a awesome giveaway!! *gives big hugs*


  3. What a great giveaway! I LOVE CVS! I was impressed with your "Making Money at Walgreens" post. I prefer CVS to Walgreens (I've had bad coupon experiences there), but seeing that post makes me want to try again to take advantage of the deals there. You're a pro! Count me in for a chance to win those CVS coupons, though! You can find me at careysmile(at)earthlink(dot)net if I win!

  4. Great blog! My favorite post of your is your Wags run, I am a similar scenario worked out and I can't wait to do it.

    I'd love the CVS 3/15. What the expiration on those?


  5. I would love those coupons!!!!!
    i liked the "you know your a cvs junkie when" blog - hilarious!! The other day i left work for 30 minutes to "pick up a prescription" when really i was hitting the 90% off clearance at 9am. That blog hit close to home. i'm still working on the low oop but i'm getting there...


  6. I like your Spiritual Sundays Post. I think you are an excellent writer as well! Great grammar! I linked you on my site http://www.thethriftymama.com/2008/09/get-some-giveaways.html

    thethriftymama at gmail dot com

  7. What a fun giveaway! I have to agree with careysmile. I enjoyed reading your post on Making Money @ Walgreens. I don't usually shop there , but after reading that, I might just give it a try!

    Thanks so much for such a neat giveaway!

    leslie dot angerer at gmail dot com

    -Leslie @ The Healthy Hearth

  8. While I love the Walgreens post, I think I really liked the one about giving back. I think all of us 'couponers' get so much for free, that it's important to remember to give to others. I'd love the CVS coupons if I win!

  9. I am excited about
    What a nice giveaway. I considered myself super thrifty until I discovered this and other blogs and forums. Wow! I have a lot to learn.

    Your post "Give a Little" was so sobering, a message from God for me. I have been struggling with going to the next level in giving- we are on one salary and I go without a LOT so that everyone else can have what they need. So when we get any money, I find myself wanting to hoard it after tithes and some offerings, while my husband wants to see us become bigger and bigger givers. We really do believe in giving, but it's been challenging for me lately. Then I read your thoughts about those who are TRULY in need and realized how much I have compared to so many. And last night I read my daughter the Bible story about the widow's miracle resulting from her generosity to a prophet. I feel encouraged to give even when I feel a sense of lack, and trust that I will receive back. Thank you.

  10. Why this one is my favorite, of course!! ;) Great giveaway!! And I do like CVS better than Walgreen's....it's closer, too!

  11. I love your blog. Straight to the point and easy to understand. I copied (literally) what you did at walgreens (my favorite!). I will do it asap! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful tips. (morihuel@lycos.com)

  12. What a neat giveaway!! I just found your blog today and love the post about Date Nights. Alot of neat ideas of things to do.



  13. I love your organizing tip and the 15 minutes of cleaning. That is a great idea.

    I love CVS and really hope to win these!!!


    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Karen White

  14. Wow... that is a GREAT giveaway...



  15. I would love to win! My email address is on my blog.

    Thanks! Kristen

  16. I am really enjoying the "On the Road to Financial Freedom". I am a newlywed (July 26th) and your last edition really hits it for me.

    Awesome blog!


    sissy1107011 @ yahoo dot com

  17. I love your timer day post. I think it's just a great way to split housework and family time. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  18. besides the sunday post, i loved the free coupons for chex mix...cause i love chex mix...love it more when it's free! :)

  19. You are awesome!! I would LOVE to get a couple of $3/$15's right now!! Especially since I NEVER get them & my friend seems to get them all the time when she scans her card! I think I will have to beat her up!
    My favorite post of yours right now is your "Makin some money at Walgreens" post. I am always looking for posts on walgreens since my transactions never seem to go smooth!
    My email address is: Surgtek2005@yahoo.com.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  20. I like the Timer Day post. Thanks!

  21. Financial Checkup was my favorite. It is so encouraging to hear how you are saving for the future and getting completely out of debt. Thanks katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

  22. Hey! I LOVED LOVED your post on Timer Day. What a great idea! I can't implement it yet (as he's 6 months old) but it will give me perspective when I hear him "moaning" for me and think, "just one more thing to clean then I'll get you!" Sometimes I just need to stop and smell the baby!! Clair at Mummy Deals. mummydeals@gmail.com

  23. I liked the Makin' some money at Walgreens post. I am headed out tonight to get these deals!


  24. wow! what a great give a way:) i love your making $$ at walgreens post bc im trying to catch on to MIR as opposed to instant ECB lol.


  25. I love your weekly easy deals. They really are easy. Would love to win some coupons!

  26. I love the posts that show how well you do each week shopping! It is great to see the deals everyone comes up with! I would LOVE these coupons!


  27. It was interesting to read "On the Road to Financial Freedom: Part I- The Beginnings of a Thrifty Life"

  28. I love your blogs on the Thrifty Dates. You're creative!


    anncsu.biz @ gmail dot com

  29. I love your post on Timer Day. It is very similar to how I clean when my house is in extra need of TLC.

  30. I like you "Easy Deals" posts, love CVS and could certainly use more coupons! Our CVS stopped accpeting printables, and $/$$ are so hard to come by! Thank you for offering them up for a giveaway!

  31. I am VERY new to all of this. I love reading about your success to financial freedom. I would also LOVE to receive those coupons!!!

  32. Spiritual Sundays, and yes I agree with a PP, great grammer.


  33. I have never used a $3/$15 q at CVS so I would be glad to win some!! I enjoyed your last Sunday post about your many blessings from the Lord. He is so good! Elizabeth ~ ellenbeth1981 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  34. My favorite post? I don't know!!! I just discovered you from a friend's recommendation! I'm really new to all this couponing a ECBs and stuff, so I'd love to win to give me a li'l boost!

  35. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and I would have to say my favorite post this month would be Spiritual Sundays. I had this happen to me a few times too :) Thanks for the giveaway! I've never used any $/$$ CVS coupons because I don't have a printer and I can't seem to find any coupons in our area.

  36. What a great giveaway!! I'm a CVS newbie and I can't believe I've shopped so long without coupons.

  37. Great giveaway! I really enjoyed your recent post about Financial Freedom for Newlyweds. I especially enjoyed the AHA moment. My moment came early (high school), but my husband didn't find his AHA until shortly after we were married.

  38. I really enjoyed your Spiritual Sunday's post about the CVS plan going awry, but working out in the end with the Lord's blessing. I have been convicted about my bargain shopping being in its proper place in my priorities as a wife/mother/homeschool teacher, etc. for my husband and our 7 children, so I appreciated what you had to say! I would definitely be able to put the $3/$15 coupons to good use!

  39. Aweseome giveaway! I just started CVSing last month and wish I found it sooner!

    My favorite entry was the financial checkup. It's nice to hear you're doing so well with paying off your debt! Also, I didn't know that Wachovia offered that on their savings accounts!


  40. I liked the "Making Money at Walgreens" post. I would love to win the CVS coupons!


  41. I found the post on the road to financial freedom helpful! Also like the easy deals. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. I wish that I had been smart enough to use financial freedom when I was first married - it would have saved me a TON of money. We are having to get out of debt right now and it is PAINFUL.

  43. I've enjoyed your blog, especially your info on CVS as that is the only local drug store near me. I'm still trying to learn how it all works and your blog has been helpful! Count me in on your coupon drawing . . . that's a great giveaway!!


  44. i love reading about all your scenarios and how you saved money with coupns and such. like the last one you posted of your trip to walgreens. i too have two babies...24 and 7 month old and i too try to find ways to save money. and i have jsut started cvsing..i have yet ot begin my walgreens savings. i am much too busy to handle it all.
    but after reading your posts...i am tempting to begin trips to walgreens!


  45. On the Road to Financial Freedom: Part II
    was my favorite blog of yours this month. I really need to get stuff figured out in my family (a tad over the newlywed mark I would say LOL) and this blog has given me some great ideas. Thanks for writting it.

    I like the cvs& walgreens deals as well, but they depress me because I don't have a walgreens LOL.

  46. I am new to your site but was referred by a friend of mine...so far I loved everything, it would be too hard to pick a favorite.

    Keep up the good work

  47. Spiritual Sundays! Recently my DH & I found God as our Saviour and started attending church every Sunday.... With all the "extra" stuff I get at CVS that I dont need, I have been donating to our church..
    Thanks! Great Blog!

  48. Love it. I need these!! :) Jessica-jsings115(at)yahoo(dot)com

  49. The CVS junkie post was funny! Thanks for the giveaway.


Comments make me happy. Nice to know I'm not just sitting here talking to myself. So, thank you!

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