Monday, September 29, 2008

Makoever Monday- Bookshelf Beautiful

Bookshelf before...

Bookshelf after!

Do any of you have a bookshelf that's starting to look a little junky? I know, we all love our books but they can become an eyesore if we're not careful. Well, in a matter of minutes you can easily make your shelves look like a page in a home decorating magazine- even with kids' books (no, it won't stay that way, but it looks nice for a little while)! I am an amateur decorator, but here are a few things that work for me:

- Start by clearing the bookshelf, then arrange the books in piles by the height of the spine
- Arrange books with the largest on the bottom for horizontal piles, or the largest in the middle for vertical arrangements

- For horizontal piles, try lining up the books so that one side is straight (like the inside edges of my horizontal piles above)

- Make all the books' spines flush (like a flat wall, not steps) and bring them to the forward edge of the bookshelf to neaten and unify the look (they do this at libraries and bookstores)

- Use horizontal piles as bookends to support books standing vertically

- Consider adding other decorative objects (such as a vase, pretty box, or small figurine) to add interest and showcase favorite items along with your books

It's yet another simple and free makeover that can really make a big difference! I love books, and I love them even more when they can look so beautiful and really add to the overall decor of my home!

Any other tips for bookshelves? Leave a comment and share!


  1. I saw your comment on MSM with the ideas for pumpkin. Would you consider sharing those recipes on your blog? I would love to use them. If they are strictly for family I understand. Thanks!

  2. Keevy Family- I would love to post the recipes for you! I will try to get that post up later today. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog! :-)


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