Monday, September 15, 2008

Makeover Monday: Style Your Bed!

Makeover Monday is here! Have you ever looked at a photo of a bed in a magazine or a catalog and thought, Man, I wish I had a bed like that!? If you have, chances are you either did nothing or you bought the bedspread thinking that would solve the problem.

Well, something like that happened to me once. We had just gotten a new mattress set, and we needed some new bedding to go along with it. We found a beautiful set (see "before" photo above) but when I brought it home and put it on the bed, it just didn't look the same as it had in the picture on the packaging. 

So then I got a brilliant (okay, obvious) idea: why not just copy the way they made the bed on the package? After all, it's just making a bed- I can make a bed! So I pulled the package from the trash and took a closer look. I noticed that they had folded the top sheet over the bedspread and added another throw pillow. So I re-made the bed and borrowed a throw pillow from the other room. Voila! A new bed for me!

The best thing about this makeover is that you don't even need to buy anything- just browse online or in catalogs and find a bed 'style' that you like, then gather the components from your own home and dress up your bed! You might be surprised at how very stylish your plain bed can become!

The "After" Photo

Have a Beautiful Thrifty Day!

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