Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I like cheap meat!

Check it out- I just paid $1.98 for 5.5 lbs of MEAT! I am so excited! Which is why I would like to pass the joy along! 

First of all, a big thanks to MoneySavingMom and Catherine Wheels for this awesome deal. I simply followed the steps Catherine outlined on her site, and it worked like a charm.

All I had to do was to go to the Geico Privileges website to sign up for the site using my e-mail address (all it does is allow you access to the website), then I waited an hour or so for an e-mail confirmation. That e-mail had my gift card confirmation code in it (for a $25 gift card).

Then I went here and typed in my e-mail address, which hooked me up with 12 free hamburgers. I got an e-mail confirmation from them immediately, and I used the link in that e-mail to get to their site and start shopping with my 12 free burgers already in my cart.

At their site, I clicked on the Burgers-Brats-Franks link on the left-hand side of the screen, then selected Burgers and scrolled down until I found the "8 5 oz burgers" option for $12.99. Then I went through checkout (I loved that I could use PayPal!) and entered in all my info. On one of the last screens they asked for my gift card number, which I entered (no PIN necessary), and with shipping, my grand total was $1.98. My burgers will be shipped in a cooler to my house!

I was skeptical, but it appears to have worked! I was thinking I could even smoosh up the burgers and use them as ground beef if I wanted to. Excellent. 

Let me know if you try this! I love deals like this!


  1. I did it too. Pretty exciting. I'm not telling Danny about the deal until it comes around October 28. It always seems more exciting when he can see it.

  2. Hey again, I got an e-mail from the company that said that I will not get the free hamburgers.They said that the free ones couldn't be combined with a gift card. They stated the reason much better than I can recall. Did that happen to you too? It will still be a good deal though I think.


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