Friday, October 24, 2008

A Homemade Halloween: Haunted Storytime...

One of the ways that my kids and I have been getting into the Halloween spirit is with great Halloween stories from the library! Every week my daughter and I go to the library while my son is at preschool, and we get a few books that we'll all enjoy reading together. I have started leaving one or two books in his seat in the car, so that when he jumps in to head home from school he has a fun "surprise" awaiting him. He looks forward to it all week, and he has started asking me every day when I pick him up, "Mommy, did you go to the library today?" My little girl also loves to surprise him and likes to pick out what we put in his seat.

Most libraries have seasonal sections where you can easily find books for any holiday. A few of our Halloween favorites have included 

Goodnight Goon- a spooky and silly parody of Goodnight Moon
Harriet's Halloween Candy- all about sharing
Runaway Pumpkin- this one has great rhyming verse that's fun to read
- The Ghost's Dinner- a delightfully ghostly dinner party 
- This Is the Pumpkin- a fun rhyme that captures the excitement of Halloween

Another fun Halloween activity is learning and saying some Halloween rhymes. My son has been learning several for the Halloween parade at his preschool, and we love helping him practice them. The kids are just so cute when they say them! Check out Preschool Express for fun rhymes and songs you can learn with your kids.

Check back this week for more Homemade Halloween tips...

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  1. Those look like fun books. My son has loved getting Halloween books the last couple weeks. I'll have to see if they have some of these.


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