Friday, October 3, 2008

The Weekly Haul

Walgreens- lovin' the cheap chocolate!

Kmart- Double coupons, baby!

CVS- not much going on, but free makeup and candy is always good...

It has been a good week! I was going to do separate posts for each store, but why not just put it all in one? Three times the fun! 

At Walgreens I used my gift card and my Register Rewards from last week, and after the RRs I got back and the rebates I'll receive, I spent about $2 on the items from there (top photo).

CVS was sparse this week, but I did manage to snag another cheap razor, free makeup, and I just threw in the candy corn and gelatin as a filler (gelatin was $0.25/box on clearance). My total there was $0.24.

Kmart was the big news this week- with their double coupons deal I got $100 worth of items for $36 (see middle photo- you can't really see, but in the back are 2 bags of pet food and 4 bags of dog treats). It would have been about $7 less if they included overage, but still lots of freebies and cheapies. I also found out today about a Glade deal there that I will try to take advantage of tomorrow. The big thing I learned from Kmart this week? BE PREPARED! I went for the first time yesterday, and there were a lot of deal-seekers crowding the aisles, all of us with our coupon files out trying to figure out the best deals. I knew about a few deals there, but I just wasn't prepared enough to find everything I needed (especially with an impatient 2-year-old running around!).

I just bought a few things that day, then last night I sat down and scoured the message boards to see what deals others had found. Then I used the coupon database to find the corresponding coupons which I grouped together by type (health & beauty, pets, food, cleaning) and I made a list of the items I hoped to purchase along with the coupons I had for them so I could easily see when I looked at the price on the shelf if it would be a good deal.

I went back to a different Kmart early this morning when the store was a little bit quieter with my list and coupons in an envelope, and I went through by section. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this store had many more items in stock than the store I had visited yesterday. Everything went smoothly, and I got most of the things on my list. Hooray for double coupons!

How did your shopping go this week?


  1. I went yesterday to Kmart, most of the products I was looking for were sold out but I found other things.
    1 Dove shampoo 4.29
    2 Dove conditioner 3.99 2/7.98
    1 Gillette Fusion Hidragel 3.00
    2 Sunsilk 1.74 2/3.48 (Clearence)
    2 Resolve rug 4.50 2/9.00
    2 Carper Fresh 2.49
    2 Fantastick 2.69 2/5.38

    I use
    3 coupons 2/1 Dove
    1 coupon 1/1 Gillet Fusion Hidragel
    2 Coupons 1/1 Sunsilk
    2 Coupons 2/1 Resolve
    2 Coupons 1/1 Carpet fresh
    2 coupons 1/1 Fantastik

    Total was 6.39 incluiding 1.74 tax for 12 products.

  2. Yeah, I was just a bit excited about K-mart too! Ooh, Kasey, nicejob! You're picture looks like what I was hoping for. It looks like I need to go back and try again. I got lots of shampoos, conditioners, a few baby products, a couple presents, etc. Do you want any extra pet coupons that I might be able to find for you? Which K-mart did you go to? Hull Street was out of a few of the freebies I was planning to get. I might plan again and go between conference sessions tomorrow. I wasn't as prepared as I should have been and it was a bit hectic when I went too.

    I have been praying to get the food storage more in order and consider a chance like this to take $4.00 dollars off the price a blessing that I need to take advantage of. Another fun perk of shopping coupon days at K-mart was I picked up several coupons that people had left on the shelves that weren't that great of a deal there, but that I know will come in handy another day at another store.

  3. I hit Kmart too! My total before coupons was $115. After coupons it was $75...higher than I wanted, BUT about $25 of that is stuff I had to buy this weekend anyway. The rest was stockpile stuff or gifts. I may try to go back one more time before the sale is over. :)

    Looks like you did great!

  4. Brooke, I went to the store on Midlothian (just past Chippenham). They were friendly and it wasn't as crowded. Thanks for the offers on the pet coupons, but we're pretty well set for now. Maybe in the future you could save them for me and hook me up. ;-)

    Good luck to you! I'll be sending positive deal-finding vibes your way!

  5. Brenda- nice work! I am highly impressed. You are getting very good at this! Keep it up!


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