Saturday, October 4, 2008

Glade deal update

This is just a follow-up on yesterday's post where I mentioned that there was a Glade deal I wanted to take advantage of at K-Mart. Well, I dragged my husband over there tonight (it was our date night, and he didn't mind since it was on the way to dinner) and we got 2 Glade Scented Gel Plug-Ins. I used my B1G1 coupon, paid $1.79 plus tax, and got back $4 in catalinas (coupons that I could use like cash toward my next K-Mart purchase). 

My husband was ready to go at that point, but I said, oh no- we're going to turn right back around and get more! So he gave me a strange look and we went back to the air freshener aisle (luckily it was right in front of the checkout) and got two more. I explained to him that the order wasn't going to come to $4 since they were only $1.79 each, so I asked him grab a candy bar to make up the difference (this made him very happy). We got the 2 more Glade Plug-Ins and the candy bar using the $4 in catalinas and a few cents. But I wasn't through! We went ahead and did it two more times just for good measure. By the third time Chad was catching on and getting into it. Hee hee, he likes to watch me work!

So it was a success, and we had 8 plug-ins and 3 candy bars to show for it. I want chocolate. I'm going to go eat my candy bar now in my nice-smelling house (apple cinnamon- mmm!).

Have a beautiful thrifty weekend!


  1. You really do amaze me. :-) Do the store clerks every give you a hard time for going through again and again? Do you go to the same checkout every time? I'd love to know your secret.


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