Monday, November 17, 2008

Gift Cards- Just in Time for the Holidays!

Search & Win

Hey guys, I was just on MoneySavingMom and I saw this post about SwagBucks- this is a search engine site that actually gives you points to do a search. What do you do with the points? Redeem them for merchandise and gift cards! Apparently it's pretty profitable!

I didn't waste any time and I signed up- you can too, just go here to sign up. It's free and you start earning points immediately. I love it when I can do something I always do anyway and it earns me money! 

Once you sign up, you can invite your friends to sign up and increase your earnings (that's what I'm doing right now- can you tell?). Let me give you one more link in case you missed it- sign up for SwagBucks and get free stuff and gift cards!!

Again, it works just like a regular search engine (like Google) and it's free to sign up. Check it out!

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