Friday, November 21, 2008

New Feature!! Funny Friday!

I love to laugh, and I think it is the best stress-relief around. With the holidays coming on in full swing, I think we could ALL use a little stress-relief in the form of a good laugh! So every Friday I will post something that made me laugh, whether it is a website, a joke, or just a funny story. Let's all let loose and have a chuckle together!

For this, my first week, I would like to share one of my favorite blogs with you- it is called "Lovely Listing." This blog showcases bad real estate photos and the author writes some very interesting captions for them. One of my favorites was this one- I actually laughed so hard I cried- and I had been in a bad mood to start with! My other favorite is starring plastic lawn furniture...

Have a beautiful thrifty day, everyone!

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  1. You have been given the Creativ Blogger Award. Check out Thrifty Ways and Ideas for details. :)


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