Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spiritual Sundays: Giving Thanks

I feel sometimes like nearly all of my Spiritual Sundays posts are about things I am thankful for, so this one might be a bit repetitive, but hey- Thanksgiving is this week! What else am I supposed to write about?? So here goes!

I am thankful that my feet hurt, because it means that I was on my feet all day at church in service to God's children.

I am thankful for my messy house, because it is a roof over my head, and I am blessed to live in a society where I can enjoy an abundance of material goods (more than I need!).

I am thankful for the unceasing noise and racket (and mess...did I mention the mess?) that fills my house every day, because it means that I have two active and healthy and intelligent children whom I love so much.

I am thankful to be driving 6 hours for Thanksgiving, because it means that I have a good relationship with my family, and I have a car that will safely take me great distances.

I am thankful to be so busy each day because I am doing things to help my family, and I never feel useless or idle.

I am thankful that I have to go cook dinner, because it means I have food in my cupboards and in my refrigerator, and I have the ability to cook it and create a meal for my family.

I am thankful for missing my husband each day, because he is a wonderful, devoted man who is out working hard to provide for his family, and it means he will come home at the end of the day happy to see me.

I am thankful for all of the struggles I face each day, because I know that with each struggle I am becoming stronger, and more like my Savior. I am thankful that He gives me these opportunities to learn and grow, difficult though the growth may be at times. I am thankful to have this blog where I can share my thoughts, ideas, and feelings with so many other people out there who are just like me. I am thankful for my life, every last bit of it, good or bad, because it is mine, and it is a gift from God, and I celebrate His goodness every day.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

What are you thankful for?

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