Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Spooktacular Michaels Deals

Don't you love it when you stop in a store for something you need and stumble upon an AWESOME sale? Well, that's what happened to me today! I was just going to Michaels for some supplies to make Christmas ornaments, and lo and behold, all of their Halloween stuff and most of their fall florals were 80% OFF! 

Well, I just had a grand time and loaded up my basket. All in all, I got the following:

-  Tall (faux) potted mums- $4 (usually $20)
- 2 small beaded candle rings- like a wire vine with sparkly beads and leaves- $0.79 each
- 2 large beaded fall wreaths- $1.39 each
- 1 metal halloween sign- $0.39
- 4 Kids' halloween craft kits- $0.29-$0.39 each
- 1 large container of foam halloween stickers- $1.59
- 1 wooden "Spooky" sign- $0.49
- 2 sheets of halloween rub-ons- $0.19 each
- 2 antique brass-looking leaf votive candle plates- $0.79 each
- 1 apple spice scented jar candle- $0.20
- 5 "take out" halloween treat boxes- $0.20 each
- 1 halloween scrapbook embellishment- $0.20
- 1 sheet of halloween window clings- $0.20

So for about $16 I was able to stock up on lots of fun stuff for next year, so we can have even more fun getting ready for Halloween! I also have plenty of items that I can use to make gifts and goodies, and even some stuff that will still work for Thanksgiving decorations this year! I LOVE cheap stuff, and when Michaels does clearance, they REALLY do clearance! Yay Michaels!

Have you found any great post-season stuff on sale? Leave a comment and share!

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