Thursday, November 6, 2008

On the 6th Day of Christmas...Peek-A-Pockets!

It's the ultimate game of I Spy- a pouch filled with exciting treasures to discover! My mom made these for each of my children (Thanks, Mom!), and I have several friends who have made them before as well. Basically, it is 2 pieces of fleece fabric sewn together like a pillow, only one side has a window cut out, with clear plastic material sewn in. The pouch is then filled with tiny clear beads and miniature objects, such as toys, erasers, blocks, and beads in different shapes.

This particular Peek-A-Pocket measures approximately 7"x7", and has 47 items inside to be found, along with an attached laminated list of every item. A few of the items include:

- red rose
- black cat
- diamond ring
- soccer ball
- spider
- alphabet block
- flip flop
- jewel
- safety pin
- bell
- dice
- dinosaur
- car

These are so much fun for my kids, and I have heard great things about them from my friends as well. One friend said that one of these kept her 4-year-old busy for the entire length of a plane ride across country! And to be truthful, I had a hard time putting it down too...

This would be a great gift for any kid (or any kid at heart!). Much like the paper crafting tips from yesterday, if you're going to make these, the most economical way to do it is to join forces with your friends, or else make a large number of them yourself. That way you won't be buying a whole pack of erasers or beads and using only one. And don't forget to double-stitch- definitely a choking hazard if anything came out!

How is your Christmas "making" going?

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  1. I have a silly question but what kind of plastic did you use for it and where can I find it?


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