Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sixth Day of Valentines: 6 Photos

It's the sixth day of Valentines, and I decided to make this little book for my husband with 6 photos of me and the kids. The note on the front reads, "Because you are so loved! (Even if it's only by little green people)" The reason it says that is because for some reason my printer was printing the black-and-white photos with a strange green tint- so we all look like aliens! I think he'll get a laugh out of it, though.

To make this little book, I just cut two strips of patterned paper from a 12x12 sheet and glued them together so that both sides were patterned. Then I folded it accordion-style and glued on the photos, which I just printed out in black-and-white (and green!) on white cardstock straight from my computer. I could have done color, but I like the nostalgic effect of the black and white. I tied a ribbon around it to keep it folded up. All in all, it took me less than 20 minutes to complete!

Just so you know, there is one more photo of me and my husband that's on the "back" of the book (on the other side of that last photo of my son). So that makes six photos in all. Another cool thing about this little book is that it can act as a stand-alone photo gallery for a desk or table top. It would be a great little mailable (is that a word?) Valentines gift for grandparents or other loved ones who are far away. You can also dress it up even more with additional captions, quotations, and other embellishments. But hey- I have fourteen days to do here- who has time for embellishements? ;-)

Have you started your Fourteen Days of Valentines yet? What ideas have you come up with? Leave a comment and let me know- I could always use more ideas for next year!


  1. You are so good. I love this. So cute. I haven't started this yet. I have good intentions. I told my husband that I wanted to buy him a Snickers and say, Snickering aside I love ya with all my heart!!! Telling him is as far as I got!!

  2. I didn't get my act together for the full 14 days, but you inspred me to do one week of valentines:

    Thanks for a great idea! I'm sticking with notes in various forms this year, but I'd love to try some of your much more creative ideas for next year!


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