Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11th Day of Valentines: 11 Songs That Remind Me of You

For the 11th day, I "borrowed" my husband's iPod Touch and put a playlist on it that I entitled "11th Day." The playlist included 11 songs that remind me of him from our iTunes music library. They were songs we already had on there, I just put them into one playlist. Then I left his iPod where he could find it with a note that read:

1. Go to Music
2. Click on Playlists
3. Find the playlist called "11th Day." These are all songs that remind me of you when I hear them. I love you!

In the past I have done this by making a mix tape or cd, or even just writing down the titles of songs and quoting a few of their lyrics on a sheet of paper. Music is the language of love...


  1. You have a lucky husband. Love your date night ideas.
    Have a great day.

  2. Such fun ideas. I'm not sure what ONE thing I am going to do for my husband on Saturday, yet.

  3. I have really enjoyed your valentine ideas I think I am going to da 14 days next year


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