Monday, February 23, 2009

Another outlet for me...

Hello my loyal beautiful and thrifty readers, so happy to have you stop by again today! I have an exciting announcement- I have started a new blog. It will remain completely separate from this one, as it is a completely different style and contains topics that are worlds away from anything beautiful or thrifty. But the more I blogged on here, the more I realized I needed an outlet for all of my less beautiful, less thrifty thoughts and ideas and general observations on life iteself. 

To be truthful, at times I just ramble.

Anyway, my new blog is called "Making It Up As I Go" and the web address is If you don't mind a bit of wackiness, peculiar humor, and completely random topics, then stop on by and check it out. :-) I actually started it about 3 weeks ago, so there are a few posts up already. 

Thanks for keeping me on the radar, and as always, I enjoy all of your comments and kind support!

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