Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mother Hubbard Meal #1

So tonight I was planning on doing the Chicken Noodle Soup with dumplings, but as I looked through my pantry I decided to change the menu a bit. I came upon a family-sized can of Cream of Chicken soup, so I decided to use that as my base, and then I added in a can of chicken, carrots (I steamed these separately because I didn't want to boil the soup), and some sliced green onions for a little color. Then I cooked up some instant mashed potatoes, and I served the soup over the potatoes.

Well, it was a big hit! I loved it, my husband loved it, and I'm sure that if the kids had eaten it, they wouldn't have complained too much (I had some leftover mac-n-cheese that needed to be eaten, so that was their dinner, much to their delight). It was also very filling, which is important when you're trying to stretch your budget. The best part was that I even had some left over for lunch the next day... yum!

See? Old Mother Hubbard doesn't have it so bad!

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