Monday, August 4, 2008

Hang on Little Tomato

Okay, so that's a weird title for this post, but it's the title of a song (and an album) by Pink Martini, one of my favorite bands, and I think of it every time I'm in the garden!

Anyway, today I just wanted to write about a God-breeze I had (for those of you who are not familiar with the term "God-breeze" it is borrowed from Flylady and it covers anytime you have a moment of inspiration and contentment). I was out in the garden with my children last week, and the weather was really nice- not nearly as humid as it has been, and the sky was blue and the sun was shining and there were white puffy clouds and a pleasantly cool breeze. I was sitting on my bench under my favorite tree by the garden gate and I was just enjoying the delightful weather, when I realized that my enjoyment of the weather was being heightened by my garden. I've always been one to appreciate a glorious day, but since I have been caring for my garden this summer, I seem to have extended my mothering instincts to my little tomato plants (and my one butternut squash plant, can't forget him!). As I was enjoying the weather, I wasn't just appreciating it for me and my children, but I was appreciating it on a deeper level for the way that the sun was gently encouraging my little plants to grow. I was admiring the clouds for the moisture that they carried that would nourish my little plants and help them flourish. I was enjoying the little insects buzzing around that pollinated the flowers. I was admiring the worms for their dedicated tunneling that would loosen and enrich the soil so that the roots would have room to stretch. 

At that moment it just seemed that all of nature was helping me to produce these beautiful sweet tomatoes (and squash, of course) that would eventually nourish my family, and I was just grateful. Grateful to God for giving us such a beautiful world, and for creating a perfect system in which all parts work together for a great purpose. In my case, that great purpose is a humble little tomato and squash garden, but to me it is special, because I helped to create it. I remember once reading a long list of ways to feel closer to God, and it included things like read your scriptures, pray, give service to others, but the one thing on the list that surprised me was "plant a garden." Now I really understand why! When you plant a garden, you are harmonizing with God in His creations, and you are being industrious, yet gentle. You cannot stuff a seed into the ground and then yank up a plant. It takes patience, loving care, gentle coaxing, much as our Father helps each of us to grow. And then, if given enough time and love, you will be rewarded with an abundance of beautiful fruits to nourish and sustain you.

I decided to write about this on here because gardening is such a wonderful way to feed your family delicious, quality fruits and vegetables while spending only a few cents for the seeds and a fraction of your time each day. But not only will you enjoy the end result, you will grow to appreciate the journey, and gain a deeper appreciation for all of God's creations along the way.

How does your garden grow? 

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