Friday, January 9, 2009

Funny Friday: Some Kid Funnies

I think this was the second try for a "nice" Easter photo last year

We celebrated my little girl's third birthday today, and in her honor I would like to share a few of my favorite "kid funnies"- those things our kids say that just crack us up, or make us go hmmm.... (my apologies to friends and relatives who have heard these stories a million times already)...

DS, age 3, walking in on me watching a television show about severe weather...

DS: "Mommy, what's that?"

Me: "It's a show about how a tornado destroyed a house and the people are sad that their house is gone."

DS: "A tomato?"

Me (trying to control my outburst of laughter): "No, honey, a tornado. A tornado destroyed their home."

DS (brow furrowed, looking increasingly confused): "A tomato??"

Me: I pretty much just gave up and fell over laughing- attack of the killer tomatoes!

In the car one day...

DS, age 4: "Boogie, tell a joke!"

DD, age 2 1/2: "JOKE!"

At the dinner table, as I notice my son (4) dipping his finger into his salad dressing and lightly spreading it across the lettuce leaves...

Me: "Sweetie, what are you doing with your dressing?"

DS: "Look, Mommy. I'm pollinating my salad. I'm just like a BEE!"

Me: "Umm, good for you sweetie. Eat your salad."

As I'm getting my son, 2 1/2 dressed, I have his arms in but his head gets stuck in the neck hole of his shirt...

DS: "Mommy, it's DARK in here!"

Me: yeah, I just cracked up laughing and didn't have the strength to pull his head the rest of the way through.

DS: well, he just started running around with his head still in his shirt, arms waving frantically about trying to get his head through. Don't worry, he wasn't seriously traumatized. ;-)

And one more from my little "princess", just a few days ago as she comes downstairs with her pom poms...

DD: "Mom, they're not WORKING!"

Me: "Well here honey, just hold the handles like this."

DD (rolls her eyes and falls onto the floor in a dramatic huff): "Noooo, Mom. They're just not WORKING."

Me: "Look, I'll show you." (I start to demonstrate) "Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Goooooo TEAM!"

DD: "Mo-OM! Stop TALKING!"

Me (handing the pom poms back and taking a breath): "Excuse me, I was just trying to help. Here, you can do it yourself." (I go back to dusting the pictures on the bookcase, which happen to include a photo of my dear little girl)

DD: "Mo-OM! Stop cleaning my FACE!"

Me: "Too bad, princess. Your face is dusty."

I hope you have all had a Funny Friday! Take time to enjoy your kids and laugh today!

Have your kids made you laugh lately? I love funny kid stories! Leave a comment and share!

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  1. Your kids are too cute. I can't think of a funny story at this moment. still too early. I"ll have to come back and leave another comment.


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