Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eat That Frog, Baby!

I just popped over to Money Saving Mom's other blog, Biblical Womanhood, and read a post that has inspired me to get my toosh in gear (translation- do something I've been meaning to do).  I am going to join her "Getting Back on Track Challenge" and start by setting a goal right now to get back into my morning routine. When I don't get my day started off on the right foot, nothing else seems to go quite right. Here goes:

1. Get up, dressed to the shoes, hair and makeup done. (30 min)
2. Read scriptures and pray. (15 minutes)
3. Check e-mails and other computer "stuff". (15 min)
4. Start a load of laundry (5 min)
4. Get breakfast for me and the kids, pack Monkey's lunch (15 min)
5. Clean up from breakfast (10 min)
6. Have morning devotional with the kids (10 min)
7. Round up socks, shoes, and anything else we need for the day; do a general house pick-up (20 min)
8. GO!

So that will be the first two hours of my day. I will begin tomorrow. I will rock. I will be awesome. I will keep it up, and I will be accountable- one week from today I will post how I'm doing so I can stay on track. I can do this!! You can too!!!

Do you have a morning routine that gets you off on the right foot? How good are you about sticking to it? Leave a comment and share!


  1. I really wish I did, but I don't and I can tell that my days don't usually go very well. Especially now that I'm getting to the very uncomfortable stage. I wish I was better about routines. You are awesome! I look forward to hearing how you do!

  2. I am a bit freakish about my morning routine because if it doesn't go right, my whole day seems to suffer. I get up at 5:00 a.m., not because I want to, I just cannot seem to find any other way to get everything done. I exercise between 30 min. to 1 hr, depending on the day. I then fix my breakfast and eat and have my morning quiet time. I also try to drink my first bottle of water. I then go take a shower, get dressed, etc. Between 6?30 and 7:00, I wake the kids up and fix them breakfast. I read to them from a novel while they eat and then they go upstairs so we can do "morning musts" which includes teeth, dressing, making beds, bringing down laundry and sorting it and scrubbing the bathrooms (on MWF---a must with 4 boys in the house). We try to be through by 8:00 so we can begin school.

    I love the time alone in the morning, so I am pretty faithful to this routine, we do get out of it some in the summer, but generally, this is what we do!

  3. that's a great goal to have. I know I need to improve on stuff of that nature. Hey thanks for talking to me today. It was a fun morning. Also, justa reminder about the books...whatever you don't want I will be more than happy to have. THanks again for that. Seriously. See you Sunday!


Comments make me happy. Nice to know I'm not just sitting here talking to myself. So, thank you!

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