Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mod Podge Fun and Poofy Things

I had a wonderfully fun craft day with my friends this morning and I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on, so first I made a tissue paper pom (that would be the pretty white poofy thing in the background of all these photos). It took far less time than I expected, so then I got really ambitious and decided to (drumroll please...) MOD PODGE!

I am something of a Mod Podge virgin, I must admit. But my good friend across the table from me was flinging Mod Podge across her project with abandon, and she made it look so fun I just had to try it. So I did! I grabbed one of my many unfinished goodies from my craft room, in this case a plain wooden box, and started pulling papers and embellishments and stamps and ink and then I just basically went to town, turning a plain little wooden box into a lovely little trinket box. Can you believe it's covered in paper, not paint? I do not know what it is for. But it's cute. So I'm happy.

Yay for Mod Podge! And I got so excited about my little foray into Mod Podge Land that I thought my daughter should join me (and when she got home she saw all my craft stuff still on the kitchen table so of course she just HAD to make something) so we made collages. I call mine, "April Showers."

And yes, that's my pom in the background.

So today I made three things, all of which I think are just lovely, and none of which I have the slightest idea what to do with. But I'm okay with that. :-)

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  1. You should make a bunch more poms and attach them to a string or ribbon and hang it decoratively in your home. Perhaps for all the time or just for parties. :)

  2. Jennifer, I actually decided I might try that! I was just talking with my sister-in-law about using the poms to decorate for my other sister-in-law's bridal shower. And I have 2 little girls who would probably love some pretty poofy things hanging from the ceiling in their room! :-)


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