Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Steal

You might think that after my recent posts about paring down that I would cut down on the bargain hunting. And I have. But the fact of the matter is, my kids still need clothes! Especially with the fall months approaching. So today I decided to get a jump start and we headed to the Goodwill outlet and I found some good deals on some great name brand clothes!

Here's what I snagged:

- For Starlet: 1 pair Childrens Place jeans, 1 pair Mossimo jean capris, 1 flowery skirt, 1 long-sleeve printed hoodie tee, 1 Forever Orchid short sleeve tee, 1 jacket

- For Little Boo: 1 Circo dress, 1 pair of Childrens Place footie pajamas

- For Monkey: 1 long sleeve pirate tee, 1 short sleeve baseball tee

Total Spent: $6 for 10 items of clothing.


I also bought some books. More books than I need. But I found a hardback copy of The Host, which I've been wanting for awhile (it even has the dust jacket still!) and I found several great chapter books to read with the kids.

For me, clothes and books are the two things that I will allow myself to collect. I love to wear clothes because for me it's a form of self expression, and I love to read books and I want to instill that love in my kids. I will often read a book that I've purchased for $.25 or $.50 and then pass it on to a friend for them to enjoy, so they don't all end up piling up around me. The ones that I really loved, however, I keep.

Done any good bargain hunting lately? Leave a comment and share!

Happy Saturday, everyone! :-)

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