Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Wedding Letter

As you all may know by now, I love to write. I am always on the lookout for reasons to write (much as I am always on the lookout for reasons to craft) and so when this contest opportunity came along, I decided it would be a fun little project.

The challenge was to write a wedding letter for a fictional couple (Noah and Rachel) about to tie the knot. The letter was to be handwritten and sent via snail mail. I composed a letter on my computer, editing it until I was satisfied, and then, because in a contest like this I think presentation is everything, I decided to get crafty.

I distressed a sheet of linen-finish card stock with some brown ink and a few flourish-y stamps, then I hand wrote my letter on it. I then created the fancy sleeve for the letter, and sealed the paper with a wax seal before sliding it in.

(I purchased this long ago in Colonial Williamsburg, where I used to work)

I then placed the entire thing in a handmade envelope made from the cardboard of a shirt box (because it was too big to fit in a normal envelope and I wanted something sturdy to protect it).

If I end up being a finalist, I will let you know. They will post finalists by August 1st (yay, not too long to wait!) and then the winner will be announced by September 1st. If I am not a finalist, I will be sure to post my letter on here so y'all can read it. :-)
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  1. Hey! Ok... I had this idea... how would you like me to make-over your blog and make you a header etc. in exchange for doing a giveaway on my blog when I hit the big 100? Eh? You don't have to but I'd like it :D And I'd like to makeover your blog if you want me to anyways!

    have a great day

  2. Did you win? I know it was last year but I would love to read your letter as inspiration for the letter I need to write. I have a wedding coming up and I want to write a beautiful letter.



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