Sunday, July 3, 2011

Busy, Busy!

It's only the end of the second week of summer, but we have been so BUSY! My husband's younger sister came to visit us, so we spent the week having bunches of fun with her and then we went to the beach yesterday. I am well-toasted.

Anyway, I will hopefully get to posting a bit more in the next week, but I also wanted to share some fun news with everyone. In May I entered a little writing contest for the Mormon Mommy Writers blog. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is to hone my writing skills (along with sharing fun and crafty moneysaving ideas!) and I love to find reasons to write. Well, the theme of the contest was "Totally Cliche" and the challenge was to write a short story utilizing one or more cliches (like "tall, dark, and handsome," or "it was a dark and stormy night"). I decided to go a little extreme and write a story about a writer who falls into a dreamworld full of cliches.

This week they announced the winners and I was very pleased to see my name as the first-place winner! The story will be published in an e-book along with the second- and third-place winners.

Anyway, I was thrilled and I am inspired to continue my writing journey. I will be sure to share more information about the book once it becomes available.

Have a happy and SAFE Independence Day!!

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