Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes

I have an inner brat who finds every reason possible to avoid cleaning. She's truly obnoxious. Lately, she's been whining that sure she'd clean the bathroom, if only she had some of those handy dandy cleaning wipes that she could just whip out and swipe across the counters. But since she doesn't have them, well...

So I decided I was tired of her whining, and rather than spend a bunch of money on expensive wipes, I decided it might be fun to try to make my own!

Because I didn't feel like trying to figure out a recipe for these on my own (that would be that inner brat again) I just found some instructions online here at Organized Home. I wasn't too into the idea of hacking a roll of paper towels in half and drilling through plastic containers, so I just used the paper towels individually (cut in half) and folded them such that they would conveniently pull through the opening in an old baby wipes container:

First, make an accordion fold like this:

Then, fit two half-sheets together like this:

Fit all the sheets together like that, then stack them in the container and add the solution (1/4 cup Pine-Sol + 2 1/2 cups water).

Pull the first one through and you're done!

Some hints:

- If you use an old baby wipes container, be SURE to use a permanent marker and clearly identify the box! (we don't want baby's bottom THAT clean!)
- I used Kleenex Viva paper towels because they are soft and strong, but I would probably try something different next time. While they're strong, they're kind of thin, so it makes it awkward when wiping because it kind of sticks to the surface you're trying to clean. They don't break apart, they're just hard to handle.
- I used just a small amount of the "X-tra Pine" cleaner and less than half the roll of paper towels to fill my wipes container, so I have plenty of supplies to make a refill once these run out.

I have found these wipes to be quite convenient and even my inner brat seems satisfied (for now). Have you found any cleaning alternatives to silence your inner brat (or maybe just your inner frugalista)?

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