Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ahh....Surreal. Yes, I think that's the word for it.

Well, I didn't win. Bummer, right? But I did get a nice e-mail from Jason telling me that he liked my letter, and that made me happier than winning.

And then there's this:

Did he really just call my letter "brilliant"?

Yes, quite surreal. I am...well, pretty much speechless about that. In a good way. Not every day that a New York Times bestselling author goes on tv and talks about something YOU wrote. I take this as a good sign for my writing career.

Surreal. Totally.



  1. How cool is that, Kasey, that YOUR LETTER is his FAVORITE!!! Big Congrats! : )

  2. Sooo awesome! Congrats! haha... I found my glue gun. :) My mom was helping me look for it for the past week and then I prayed to find it at our night prayers last night and she goes 'is it in there?' {pointing to the china cabinet I painted that I haven't show yet} me 'no.' 'well... wait...' *crawls over* 'yeah' :P

  3. Kasey that is wonderful! How exciting! It's his FAVORITE! AWESOME! :-)

  4. Oh my goodness. That is amazing. I would be in la la land over that. I also loved your post about the scarf, and I hope you've gotten to wear it by now!

  5. Hey! I awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award on my blog! Go check it out and then post about it :)



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