Friday, June 10, 2011

My Dream House (no, seriously!)

Most people imagine their dream house to be a mansion- huge foyer, sparkling chef's kitchen, jacuzzi tub in the spacious master bathroom, and so on. I, however, came across this video about a family that lives in this 320-square-foot home and I fell in love with the idea!

Here is why I loved it:

- You can cut the square footage and use the money you saved to get an awesome piece of property- think waterfront, trees, grass, etc.
- Spend your budget on outdoor space- big deck for entertaining, gazebo or pavilion even, zip line, playground, etc.
- Make the interior gorgeous and feel spacious with high ceilings and skylights
- Put in the best finishes and appliances (little ones, of course)
- Eat on fine china every day (no dishwasher anyway, might as well!)
- Have super high quality linens
- The house would stay clean because it would only take maybe an hour to clean it from top to bottom (and let's face it, it would be virtually unlivable if it wasn't clean!)
- Save money on energy bills
- With no mortgage, super-low energy bills, and tons of extra time you can quit your boring job and start your own business doing what you really love (I do like the idea of a great little crafting studio next door!!)
- Family togetherness would be automatic (ha ha!)

The only snafu would be food storage- but maybe you could just give the house a
decently-sized basement for storage? Hmm...

This is reeeeallly starting to look attractive to me. Probably not 320-square-feet attractive (after all, I do have 3 children), but maybe 750-1000? I'm already drawing up the plans...

In the meantime, my goal this summer is to pretend that I'm moving into my very own tiny dream house and do some serious de-junking around this joint. That way I'll be ready. Ha.


  1. Just popping by to Thank you for your thoughtful comment about the loss of our beloved Ginger. I am so very grateful for my blogging friends right now:)BTW, I would love to live in that little house too!



  2. Pretty neat house. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yeah, I've never really signed up to the idea that the bigger the property, the better. I'm not sure I could get on with something this small, as one thing I really need is privacy. But I certainly don't need so much space so that my breathing echoes either. I'd imagine that's quite a lonely existence and I don't think it'd be very long before I was crawling up the walls.

    That said, I'm in very little danger of finding out how I'd react to prolonged exposure to too much space. Even the house valuation on nowhere near enough space is well beyond me at the moment.


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