Friday, October 8, 2010

The Perfect $5 Fall Jacket

The last time I posted I mentioned going to the Goodwill outlet where I picked up a very fine crock. I also snagged this super cute fall jacket- don't you just love the red color and the gorgeous pattern in the lining? Because the Goodwill outlet is pay-by-the-pound, I am pretty sure I paid less than a dollar for this jacket (I bought ten items and paid $7 will see more of those items in future posts!). The only problem was that it had two buttons missing!

I was going to be in the neighborhood of a fabric store today, so I brought the jacket with me so that I could match up some buttons and thread (and buy sad is it that I don't have needles??!). I found some buttons that weren't an exact match, but they were close enough that you wouldn't really notice a difference unless you were actually comparing buttons. I spent less than $5 on materials.

After a few minutes of handiwork (and only a few expletives), voila!

How cute am I? LOL! LOVE the color and LOVE the fitted look. I can't wait to wear this to the pumpkin patch next weekend. ;-) (by the way, a special thanks to my husband's grill and the timer on my camera for taking this lovely shot)

Have you picked up any great thrifty finds lately? Leave a comment and share!


  1. That is awesome! Looks really cute on you!

  2. Great jacket, and you look too cute in it!
    I find lots of thrifty treasures, but mostly 'things' for my shop,not clothes. I do really need to get some 'new' clothes though.


    barbara jean
    PS thanks for signing up to follow my blog. I really appreciate it.=)

  3. Cute jacket! Since the first time you mentioned the outlet I couldn't wait to go check it out. I have been there twice now, and it is so fun. I just went last week to try to find stuff for Halloween costumes. Kind of crazy, but I've been able to find some great stuff. I got a super cute skirt there for $.69! (It was the only clothes I got, so I knew exactly how much it was).


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