Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NOTICE: All Couponing Posts Moving to My Other Blog!

Hello, friends! For those of you who come to read of my couponing adventures, I would like to announce that I am moving all couponing content to my other blog, "Gettin' Deals". I had started that blog awhile back and not really posted on it much, then I started using this as my primary blog and I've been posting my deals here, but I feel the couponing does not really fit my goal with this blog, and so I would like to move it to its own location. I will still occasionally post about couponing here- perhaps do a series about how to get started, or just how I fit it into my schedule, things like that- but the weekly deals and other pertinent posts will primarily be on the other blog. 

Be sure to come back here for ideas on how to make your thrifty life beautiful, and leave lots of comments! I love comments!

Have a beautiful day!

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