Monday, May 16, 2011

Someone Had a Birthday...

I can't believe my little Monkey turned 7 this week!!!! Here's a photo of him at the Washington D.C. LDS Temple from my sister-in-law's wedding last week. What a cutie. :-)

We had several celebrations and several cakes for him (he thinks it's very important to include everybody...and get lots of presents...and of course eat lots of cake!) and last night we celebrated with my dad, stepmom and grandparents. Here are a few shots of the cake I made for him:

I just made a simple chocolate cake recipe (that link is to my other blog, The Silly Mom) that I chose because it was vegan- no eggs or dairy (we have a nephew with allergies)- and because it's incredibly delicious and very convenient because I pretty much always have the ingredients for it on hand.

I decorated it with well-washed dinosaur toys from my son's room and some leftover easter egg candy. I used cream cheese frosting, which I added green food coloring to, for the lettering and some viney decoration.

I think that decorating cakes with toys is a great easy way to make them look really fun and fabulous, and the kids love that they can keep the toys! (okay, not much excitement there in this case since the toys were already his, but you know what I mean!)

And incidentally, my kids are just so stinkin' cute.

I know it's been quieter than usual around here lately, but I have a bunch of new crafty ideas I'm dying to get to, and I will be sure to post again soon! :-)

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