Monday, May 9, 2011

Photo Party? Okay!

I follow a fun little blog called "Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures" and recently she's been hosting some great photography link parties. This week the theme is "Sunset, Sunrise, and Sun Flare". I thought I'd post this lovely photo, but I actually can't take credit for it, other than being the subject (well, me and Chase). My husband took this shot of us back when we were visiting my parents at Thanksgiving. It was close to sunset and I just love this photo because it really takes me back to that chilly November eve, quietly sitting atop a warm horse as he blew steam out his nose. :-)

For another favorite sun-related photo of mine check out my Spiritual Sundays post, "Help From the Source". :-)

Check out Tracy's site for more great sun photos!! She is a talented photographer!


  1. That is a beautiful shot! Love the silhouette of you and your horse. :)

  2. I can see why you love that photo. The beauty of your horse, you and the sunsetting all at once. It is pretty amazing. My husband took a photo of me and my dog that I really love. Thanks for linking to the party.


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