Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The $20 Challenge? Interesting...

Hello, friends! I was just visiting my favorite thrifty website, MoneySavingMom, and I came upon a post she did about a post on another blog in which the writer and her husband have begun a "$20 Challenge". The goal is for each of them to start the year with $20 and see how they can creatively invest it into various projects to make it grow. By the end of the year, whoever has the most money wins!

Now, I don't know that I would take this on as a challenge with my husband (for any of you who know my husband, you know that I will lose. Pathetically. He's like the guy who started with a paper clip and ended up with a house). But I do like the concept for me personally, mostly because I have actually kind of started something similar to this myself in order to earn money for my family to fly to Florida for our summer vacation rather than drive. I will go into more detail about that later.

Anyway, this might make some good material for future blog posts as I update you on my progress. But for now, what are your thoughts? Anyone think they might give this a try?

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  1. I'm definitely going to let the idea simmer a bit! Hope to do it maybe, but I think I have a lot to learn about investing money. But it's just twenty bucks, right?


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